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Theatricalia is a database of theatre productions. Anyone can add a production to add to the thousands already present on the site. Being a database of productions, Theatricalia is necessarily also a database of people, plays, places, and parts, but all revolving around the productions in which those things are involved.

The archive is searchable, including homophone name matching, and the database handles partial dates (if you know a production was in May 1956 but you're not sure when).

Example is a production of As You Like It by the RSC in 1996, at the Barbican in London. Its cast included Colin Farrell, Joseph Fiennes and David Tennant.

Technical Details

The pages use URLs are meaningful, always including the ID of the object in question (because people, places, and even plays change name over time). If you'd like more data, do get in touch with the site.

Dataset Size

Tens of thousands of theatre productions and their associated plays, parts, and theatres.


Contributed data is available under the Open Database Licence.

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