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The Donor Party

The Donor Party are 'are collecting information about large donations sent to museums and other cultural institutions and sharing it with the public.'

It is

...the class project of several library science graduate students studying at Pratt Institute in New York City. The database lists the names of more than 2,000 individuals, companies, corporations, government agencies and charitable/philanthropic organizations who gave donations to 25 different museums and cultural institutions, most of which are in the New York City. We tried to show the names of people and groups that gave a minimum of $10,000, although exact donation figures for some museums and institutions were more difficult to obtain in some cases.

They've initially released a CSV to GitHub recording large donations made to New York City cultural institutions, and begun to map those against specific donors.

They invite submissions.

Dataset Size

Around 3k entries in CSV format


License unclear - waiting for clarification from the team

Contact information

Twitter: @DonorParty

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