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The CASE database (open version)

The CASE (Culture and Sport Evidence) database is "a unique and comprehensive resource for those working in culture and sport".

It currently holds over 12,000 studies from across the CASE sectors (sport, arts, heritage, museums, galleries, libraries and archives), undertaken internationally and within the UK. The database acts as a one-stop-shop for research in the culture or sporting fields. It also provides policy makers with access to all available research on a given topic, enabling evidence informed decisions which are based on all published research, minimising the risk of bias. The database was last updated in April 2012 and includes items published up to 31 March 2012.

The CASE site lists:

  • CASE database - over 12,000 studies on engagement in culture and sport, in an online, searchable database
  • drivers, impacts and value work - research and evidence on engagement in culture and sport
  • Local culture and heritage profile tool - source of local information, culture and heritage data for better investment and cultural planning decisions
  • Local sport profile tool - collecting data on sporting participation and provision to help local councils
  • regional and local insights data - a guide for mapping local culture and sport assets
  • mapping asset guidance - guidance to help develop better knowledge of local supply of culture and sport for better planning

An open access version is available via the Institute of Education.

Some of the data has been republished at

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Technical Details

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Dataset Size

12,634 entries to April 2012


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