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Fitzwilliam Museum

The Fitzwiliam Museum in Cambridge has a collection of antiquities, decorative applied arts, coins and medals, manuscripts and rate books, paintings, drawings and prints - including Rembrandt etchings and handwritten music by Handel.

The museum has released its collection data - object data, basic record ('tombstone') and extended record data. It includes images under a variety of licenses.

Basic data is an outline - enough to identify the object. See this record for a Monet Painting

The data set has around 170,000 records.

Used In Anger

We haven't found any examples yet: let us know if you've made something.

Technical Details

The collection data is available over an API returning JSON. There's documentation available, with some simple examples.

Collection data is also available via an OAI-PMH service using PNDS Dublin Core. Everything is available at permanent identifiers:[.format]

Extended records are available over a SPARQL service.

The SPARQL data is referenced using the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) which "provides definitions and a formal structure for describing the implicit and explicit concepts and relationships used in cultural heritage documentation." So that's nice. They provide a beta in-browser test interface.

Dataset Size

170,000 records, many including thumbnail images.


Basic Data is CC0, extended records are CC-BY-SA. Low-res or PD images are under CC license, high res or in copyright are case-by-case clearable through the museum. Some images are under a retired No Derivatives CC license version: so, no collages, remixes or fiddling around with them!

Contact information

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