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BBC Proms Archive

An archive site (appears to be HTML only, with no raw data available) covering the history of the Proms classical music festival right back to 1895.

Each concert entry has a list of works performed, and the soloists / orchestras.

The archive is searchable by composer and works, decade and year ('seasons') or artist ('Performers').

Names are not cross referenced in the main text, but in a sidebar under 'Find more events'.

This is an interesting dataset, but could be linked up to other sources of information about classical music and performance. For instance you could reconstruct spottily playlists of each concert, or issue alerts when the works are coming up on Radio 3...


This entry includes: * Images * Date, Time and Location * Title of Event * Works Performed (and duration) * Performers and Roles * Brief Programme Notes

Technical Details

The pages declare as XHTML+RDFa and are well structured, but do not appear to use any micro formats or many semantic CSS selectors to make scraping easier.

URLs are meaningful, with individual concerts indexed by ID number and date.

Contact information

Twitter: @bbcproms

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