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Pepys' Diary

Daily entries from the 17th century diary of Samuel Pepys, republished as a blog and via RSS. A ten year labour of love from Phil Gyford.

The complete Diary had 3,434 entries and it has accumulated c.58,000 annotations from the site's community. Entries are cross referenced by characters and places, and link in to an encyclopaedia with nearly 5000 entries for people, places and things. Many entries and places are located on a map, which is marked up to show the historical locations on a modern map.

The general events of Pepys daily life are summarised by month and year

Pepys also tweets. Peeps. Pepys should peep, not tweet.

Technical Informaion

The site is in the process of being converted to a django back end, from an old Moveable Type (?) install. URLs are meaningful.

Dataset Size

A decades's worth of daily diary entries.


The original text is out of copyright.

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